S.H.A.S. - COOPER - Grass Mower with double side disc for variable cutting width

The Grass Mower with double side disc S.H.A.S. is a high quality product with a compact, robust design and a smooth surface that guarantees maximum reliability and demands on any type of field. Its two lateral arms guarantee the adjustment of the amplitude of work and its working width is hydraulically adjustable in continuous form. The basic transmission of the machine is through gearboxes. The S.H.A.S is equipped with front rollers and large rear rollers (Ø 200 mm) of adjustable height. The sliding discs ( free of bearings ) are mounted under the lateral arms and are freely movable ( up and down ) which provide the machine with an optimal adaptation to irregular terrains. The 3rd point with floating chain allows the machine to perfectly maintain itself on the ground. La transmisión básica de la máquina es de cajas de engranajes.

To operate this machine, the tractor requires TWO double action control units.


  • Gearbox standard setting is at 540 RPM but can be at 750/1000 on request.
  • The S.H.A.S is designed to be connected behind the tractor and is used following the tractors trail. There is the possibility to adapt it to front-mount or for tractors with reverse drive, but always on request and indicating the RPM and the rotation sense of the PTO.