A.T.V. 400-650T - DARLING - Forest Wood Chipper Tractor

The Forest Wood Chipper Tractor A.T.V. chips easily shrubs, branches, sawmill, slabs, plates, shells, wood crooked trunks and logs. Can be supplied by crane and / or manually.

 If one word could describe well the A.T.V model, that would be VERSATILITY.

  • The multi-knives drum allows homogeneous and high quality chipping of a great variety of woods.
  • The innovative extraction system makes this chipper compact and agile.
  • Reduces investment as it is driven by the tractor’s power take-off
  • Suitable for anyone who requires more mobility without giving-up high capacity.

Its unique frame allows bell height adjustment, and makes work easier for the operator.

It’s an innovative project, designed for heavy work.