Versatily chipper - Castor 1320

There is an increasing concern of the professionals to the following trends of chippers: diesel motor driven chipper du 400 à 600cv to be mounted on chassis and pulled by tractor or truck. With the Castor chipper on wheels equipped with a Scania Turbo diesel 450cv motor, in feed opening of 620x1340mm, a crushing rotor of 890x1320mm with interchangeable blades or hammers and a hooper with an in feed conveyor belt of 3.7mts, we achieve the ideal machine for producing chips for biomass and for reducing volume and recycling. We are the only Spanish company that we produce a machine of high performance for mulching all type of forestry waste, entire trees, branches, etc. in a rapid way obtaining as a result high quality chips. Furthermore, it is a polyvalent machine because of its rotor that can wear knives or widia hammers that can be interchangeable, and let us recycle all type of materials like roots, strains, all types of trees and garden prunings in cities where there are high volumes with a high productivity and excellent output material. The Castor Chipper can be delivered mounted on a chassis with wheels and suspension for 80km/h and ABS behind a truck. Also with the multi-lift system or static, driven by an electric motor 250kw Siemens 460/690v and depending on the job to do with a motor with more kw.



Electrical engine
Magnetic loop
Suspension for 80km/h with ABS brakes


Model Motor brand name & type Engine Power
CASTOR 1320 IVECO turbodiésel 354 HP
CASTOR 1320 IVECO turbodiésel 510 HP
CASTOR 1320 SCANIA turbodiésel 488 HP