Hydrostatic forestry tractor - DVINA

Hydrostatic forestry tractor - DVINA 

An extremely versatile machine built to clear and a variety of all other applications, equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor. The X 100 L can be used for the most popular implements like stump cutter, forest staples, forestry mulchers, processors…


X 100 L


Tractor weight: 5143
Tractor length: 325cm
Height / Width: 251/180cm
Ground clearance: 35,5cm
Speed: 5,3km/h
Ground pressure: 350g/cm2


Model: Kubota Turbocharged Diesel V3800DI-T
Maximum Power: 100hp. Liquid Cooling
Fuel tank capacity: 152l.
Average consumption 20 l/h


Main pumps maximum pressure: 235 bar
Speed: 400 m/h 9,88
Hydraulic tank capacity: 92L


Model Motor brand name & type Engine Power
Weigth (kg)
X 100-L KUBOTA 4 cil.  turbodiésel 97 HP 5.145